Direct and Database Marketing

MK 8720: Direct & Database Marketing

(Taught by Dr. Denish Shah in Spring Semester)

Direct & Database Marketing is a specialized form of Marketing where companies make extensive use of their databases to formulate customized marketing strategies so that they can market to each customer directly. In recent years, Direct & Database Marketing has emerged as the fastest growing and most effective forms of Marketing. Its increasing popularity is being driven by advances in database technology as well as explosion of new forms of marketing media (such as social media, virtual world, mobile phones, advergames and so on). Consistent with the developments in the marketplace, this course is geared towards making students well versed with the intricacies of direct marketing strategies. The course curriculum will comprise of three components – theory, tools and application. Under theory, students will understand the basic concepts and principles of direct marketing including different media forms and building blocks of a direct marketing strategy. Under tools, students will learn about different techniques of data analysis that is relevant to direct marketing as well as state-of-the-art performance metrics employed by contemporary business best practices. Finally, under application, students will be asked to apply their knowledge gained in the classroom to formulate a direct marketing strategy in the form of a real world class project or assignment.

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