Certificate In Marketing and Branding

The Certificate Program in Marketing and Branding focuses on the creation and management of profitable long-term relationships with customers by building brand equity. The sessions emphasize the use of information and communication strategies in researching, selecting, entering, and competing in global markets.

This program is engineered for participants to discover new approaches to strategic business models for relationship marketing; the acquisition and retention of profitable customers through direct and interactive techniques; and the use of appropriate multichannel communications for creating higher profits for the firm and higher degrees of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction among the profitable customers.

An innovative certificate program that offers the following:

  • Experiential Learning: By covering real-time topics, issues, and challenges facing the industry this program enables participants to identify real-world solutions. This will provide participants an experiential approach to learning new concepts and theories.
  • Cutting-Edge Information: The program prides itself in offering the latest knowledge-based empirical research, often questioning conventional wisdom. This new-age knowledge enables participants to keep themselves abreast of the most recent developments and set them apart from the competition.
  • World-Class Researchers and Innovators: The topics in this program not only contain cutting-edge information, but are also offered by the world-renowned researchers and innovators who created the content in the first place. This provides participants a first-hand access to and an opportunity to interact with the knowledge creators.
  • Real-World Application: Exposure to real world implementations of marketing and branding case studies in business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Program Benefits

This fast-paced and highly-interactive program features today’s hottest marketing and branding topics. The program facilitators offer thought-provoking content using multi-media presentations, relevant case studies, and small-group exercises. Attendants of this program will:

  • Learn successful, empirically-tested strategies that are driving many corporations to achieve profitability.
  • Build and enhance relevant marketing skills that can accelerate their careers.
  • Understand and implement the power of digital marketing and incorporate it into their businesses.
  • Grow and nurture lasting profitable growth relationships with current and future clients.
  • Gain a competitive leverage through superior knowledge of the latest tools, techniques, and best practices in the domain of marketing and branding.
  • Maximize ROI through efficient and effective marketing practices.

Program Description

The program content is designed and taught by award-winning professors who have extensive experience in teaching marketing to working professionals. The overarching goal is to help participants deal with any real-world business challenge in the domain of marketing and branding after successful completion of this program. This unique certificate program covers all of the tools, concepts, application and integration for a successful career in marketing and branding. Figure 3 illustrates the components of the Certificate program.


As illustrated in Figure 3, the program consists of 6 topics – (a) Business Intelligence, (b) Database Marketing, (c) Brand Management, (d) Profitable Customer Engagement, (e) Digital and Social Media Marketing, and (f) Innovation, Interaction, Integration, and Implementation. Upon successful completion of these 6 topics, participants will be awarded a Certificate of in Marketing and Branding.