Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A world-class forum in the creation and dissemination of knowledge on the unique aspects of managing brands and customers through interdisciplinary contributions.

Our Mission

  • Encourage and solicit active participation from various disciplines to enrich and enhance the value propositions to multiple constituencies.
  • Become the leading center for cutting-edge “Knowledge Creation and Tool Generation” in managing brands and customers.
  • Be the leading center for the application of Customer Relationship Marketing know-how to various industries.
  • Become the most productive center for publishing cutting-edge research papers and case studies in the brand and customer management area.
  • Be the leading center for bringing innovation to the classroom in the Marketing Intelligence (MI) area, and develop future business leaders.
  • Become the leading center for fostering the most productive academic-business community interaction to gain increased research opportunities, student placement, classroom enrichment and resource generation.