Ashley Goreczny

PhD Student
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Ashley Goreczny is a 4th year doctoral student and researcher at the Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management (CEBCM) at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. Her research interests include Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer and Employee Engagement, Change Management, and NonProfit Marketing. She has published in the Journal of Marketing Research for her work on why salespeople quit. In that paper, she and her co-authors studied how both own effects, such as performance and customer satisfaction, and peer effects, such as a salesperson’s peers quitting or being fired, change a salesperson’s propensity to turnover. She has also published in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, where she and her co-authors studied how attitudes and emotions affect a salesperson’s goal achievement. Presently, she is working on several research projects, including change management and its effect on salesperson and firm performance, and how communication at farmers markets affects perceived health. Prior to joining the PhD program at GSU, Ashley was working in Marketing Research and Marketing Consulting for 5 years. She received a BBA in Marketing and an MBA in Marketing at Georgia State University.


Research Publication:

Sunder, S., Kumar, V., Goreczny, A., & Maurer, T. (2016). Why do Salespeople Quit? An Empirical Examination of Own & Peer Effects on Salesperson Turnover Behavior. Journal of Marketing Research. (Forthcoming)

Kumar, V., Goreczny, A., & Maurer, T. (2016). What Drives a Salesperson’s Goal Achievement? An Empirical Examination. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. (Forthcoming)


  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Professional Sales
  • Customer and Relationship Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Marketing Decision Making
  • Pricing
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Models